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Father’s Day is coming up quickly! Get ideas from TeeShirtPalace for the best ways to celebrate your cool dad. Find father shirts, new dad shirts, and more here.

Fathers are (in part, of course) why we’re all here, right? Fathers are there for us from the very beginning, helping us learn how to walk and how to ride our bikes; fathers teach us how to throw a ball, how to burp the alphabet, and how to be respectful to people. Fathers are there through thick and thin, good and bad, and even when we’re mad at them. It’s for all of these things and everything in between that we are celebrating the fathers in our lives, whether they are a biological father or someone who has been a father-like figure in your life.

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st – How Will You Celebrate This Special Day?

Because fathers play a very special role in people’s lives, and that role is often very unique to each person, there are countless ways to celebrate their big day and show them how much you care — anything from serious cards to funny Father’s Day shirts. 

Here are some ideas from TeeShirtPalace for how you can celebrate your father!

Make Brunch

A classic way to celebrate Father’s Day is with a homemade brunch (and if we’re still stuck in quarantine, homemade will be the only option). Whip up some eggs, toast, bacon, some fruit, and definitely some coffee, and he’ll be in heaven for the rest of the day. But just make sure to let him sleep in some too.

Put On His Favorite Movie

Whether it’s Star Wars, Shawshank Redemption, or The Godfather, nothing beats watching one of your favorite movies with the family — just make sure the movie is age appropriate. And if you’re feeling up for it, make it a movie marathon and pick out a handful of favorites so that everyone can enjoy the day.

Go Fishing

If you live near a good place to go fishing, pack up the car with all of his gear and get a picnic lunch ready. But don’t tell him! When he gets into the car and sees all of his fishing gear, the surprise will be part of the fun!

Get the Grill Going

If breakfast doesn’t sound appealing, maybe a great steak cooked on the grill is more his style. Grab some corn, pineapple, wrap some potatoes in foil for grilled baked potatoes, marinade the steak beforehand to make sure it’s flavored just right, and be sure to have his favorite beer around for the perfect Father’s Day BBQ.

Get the Right Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day activities are a great way to make memories with the family, but years down the road, a gift will help bring back the memories. There are dozens of options for great Father’s Day gifts, including a new grill, a flannel shirt, slippers, dad mugs, a new pint glass, tools for the garage, and a great cool dad shirt. 

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